Low Price Guarantee

Out rental prices are backed by our Low Price Guarantee. We're so confident that they're the lowest prices, we're willing to put money on it

Vacation Rental Low Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

The Low Price Guarantee is available to any customer who makes a qualifying prepaid condo, home or motel room booking through the Florida-BeachRentals.com web site.

If you find a lower rate for the same rental unit, room type, and check-in and check-out dates on Florida beach Rentals or any other Web site within 5 days following your confirmed reservation on Florida-BeachRentals.com, Florida beach Rentals will refund you the difference upon verification you have qualified for a refund.

If you book a prepaid rate that's backed by our Low Price Guarantee, and then find the same rental unit for the same dates, at a lower price online within 5 days, we'll refund the difference.

Just e-mail us within 5 days of your booking to with:

  1. Booking confirmation number
  2. Name
  3. Telephone number with area code
  4. Check-in and check-out dates
  5. Rate booked
  6. Complete Web address (URL) reflecting the lower rate you found online for the same dates and condo, home or motel room you purchased on Florida-BeachRentals.com. If you can, supply a screen shot of the website.

Upon verification of the lower online rate, Florida Beach Rentals will refund the difference to the credit card you used to make your deposit in approximately 7 - 10 business days.

Remember to make a printout or take a screen shot of page with the lower rate, in case a customer service representative has questions. Expect a response to your claim within 24 hours.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much
Everyone I spoke to on the phone were amazing! Very wonderful customer service. I checked many places and one of the reasons I chose Florida Beach Rentals was the service I received by phone. Trisha from Sellersburg, IN