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Everyone I spoke to on the phone were amazing! Very wonderful customer service. I checked many places and one of the reasons I chose Florida Beach Rentals was the service I received by phone. Trisha from Sellersburg, IN

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How Florida Beach Rentals Works for Property Owners


Increase Rental Occupancy with Florida Beach Rentals

Our number one goal at Florida Beach Rentals is to connect travelers with fantastic vacation rental units. That means we strive to fill the properties on our list with happy vacation-goers, and that’s just what we do. That’s good for renters and property owners alike. Renting vacation units is a win-win scenario.


Choose Florida Beach Rentals to Occupy Vacation Rentals

Florida Beach Rentals has been in business since 2003 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have booked over 15,000 units for happy property owners of vacation properties. We do our best to keep renters happy while looking after the interests of landlords. Within the last year we have booked over 34,000 room nights. We are good at what we do and we are certain we can help you to increase occupancy in your vacation rental.


How Florida Beach Rentals Helps Rent Vacation Property

Florida Beach Rentals knows the beach rental market. We can help you arrive at the right price for your unique vacation rental property. In addition, our advertising and email contacts are well-established and target the correct public for beach rentals. Over 150,000 people visit Florida-BeachRentals.com each year, our e-mail subscription list is 38,000 strong, and our e-mail blasts have generated over 50,000 website searches in one day. All of these statistics continue to grow.

With vacation rental properties correctly priced and advertised, we are confident we can find occupants 70-100% of the time. If not, we will help you to adjust the value of your rental until we do!  


Web Services for Vacation Rental Property Owners

  • Hi-definition photos of your rental
  • Full page listing of your unit with photos and description
  • Search by preference and date technology for your listing
  • Book online technology
  • Immediate, automated notification of each booking
  • Automated, accurate calendar of open and booked dates


Great Customer Service

Great customer service is one of our trademarks. Vacation rental occupants arrive to find their units cleaned and their starter amenities such as soap and toilet paper already on site. We field occupant concerns and questions by phone or in person at our office that is open 365 days a year. We take care of check in and check out at most types of vacation rentals. We even offer concierge service to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for your tenants. We do our best to make your job as landlord very easy!


Fewer Problems for Beach Property Owners

Although a trouble-free stay is what we shoot for –and often get –sometimes problems do arise.  The locked out tenant, the confusion with the WiFi, the sink that drips; all these situations can be handled by Florida Beach Rentals. The result is a more pleasant stay for tenants and a trouble free occupancy for property owners.


Call Florida Beach Rentals Now

If you own property you wish to use or that is already designated a vacation rental property, call Florida Beach Rentals right now. Our professional staff will inform you of how we might help you to improve occupancy and create a thriving, successful income property!


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